“Everything is connected, and balance is key. I create to express the voice of nature and challenge the viewer's perception of reality.”

Patricia Daher’s work is autobiographical , and explores the connectivity between the state of the environment and mental states. The connection of everything, is inherently a Native American, indigenous truth Daher wishes to voice through her work.  Daher expresses  unseen worlds felt through empathy, in a manner which embraces the forms and vibrant colors of nature. Patricia Daher works in a variety of media and techniques: paintings, drawings, installations, digital art, performance, and sculpture.

Patricia Daher is a New York-based multidisciplinary artist and environmental activist. Born in 1988, New York, and raised between Beirut and New York.Daher studied Mathematics Theory and Fine Arts at Hunter College.  She also carries an MA in Art Market Studies from the Fashion Institute of Technology. 

Daher began her career aspiring to be a professor of Mathematics to then pursue a very different career in the Studio Arts. Living in a diverse city as New York compelled her to learn more about eastern and ancient world religions, which sparked her interest in alternative healing methods, such as Reiki. Daher also learned textile weaving at the Japan Traditional Textile Foundation in Kyoto, Japan, and recently worked as a private consultant to a member of the United Nations, on projects in relation to preserving the environment . Daher's work has been exhibited at various galleries in New York, of which NeueHouse and Biggercode Gallery. She is the recipient of the Global Diversity Fellowship, the Wave Scholarship, and the Catalyst scholarship award. Her work has been published in Hyperallergic and a few books such as Drawing with Dynamic Perspective by Meryl Rosner.

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