“Everything is connected, and balance is key. I create to express the voice of nature and challenge the viewer's perception of reality.”

Patricia Daher’s work explores the connectivity between the state of the environment, and emotional states. The connection of everything, and the necessity of caring for the environment voiced throughout her eclectic collections of paintings, sculptures, drawings, collages, installations, and social performances. Daher’s works are an exploration of color combinations and forms that manifest unseen worlds and concepts felt through mental images and empathy. Her vibrant palette and use of organic forms and repetition mimic the vibrancy and worlds, micro and macro,  found in nature. With a background in Mathematics, she approaches the art-making process from the perspective of a scientist; embracing the freedom to experiment with new mediums and  perfect techniques.. Through creating connections, she explores new concepts and patterns, and finds joy in making works that engage the audience, encourage dialogue, and invite a change in perspective.

Patricia Daher is a New York based American Lebanese multidisciplinary artist, poet, and environmental activist.  Daher was born in New York, and raised between Beirut and New York. She began her career as an aspiring Mathematician who contributed to the academic success of many, to then pursue a different path as an Artist. She studied Studio Art with a concentration in Painting at Hunter College and later earned an M.A. in Art Market Studies from the Fashion Institute of Technology. Having experienced war,  she choses to create colorful worlds for peace. In New York, Daher became fascinated with world cultures, mythology, world religions, and alternative healing methods.  As  a private consultant to a peace ambassador at the United Nations, she composed systematic solutions that tackle major environmental concerns along the Mediterranean.  Daher's work has been exhibited at various galleries in New York, of which NeueHouse and Biggercode Gallery. She is the recipient of the Wave Scholarship, Catalyst scholarship award, and Impart Grant Award. Her work has been published in Hyperallergic, and books such as Drawing with Dynamic Perspective by Meryl Rosner.