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“Everything is connected, and balance is key. I create to express the voice of nature and challenge the viewer's perception of reality.”​ - Patricia Daher


            Patricia Daher (b. 1988, United States) is a New York based multidisciplinary artist, poet, and environmental activist. She is known for creating autobiographical works that promote peace through the balance of human societies with the natural world. She delivers this message through paintings, drawings, collages, sculptures, and performance works inspired by forms of nature. 

           Daher's journey as a professional artist began after a change in major from Mathematics to Art. In 2015, she graduated from Hunter College with a Bachelor of Art degree in Studio Art, a focus in painting and Near Eastern Religions, along with a minor in Art History. After exhibiting work locally and working for a few arts organizations, she became to understand the importance of the entrepreneurial aspect of her profession.  Determined to learn more about the business of art, she enrolled in the Fashion Institute of Technology’s Art Market Studies graduate program, where she was offered a Fellowship Award. In 2019, she graduated with a Master of Arts degree in Art Market Studies. 

          Capturing the zeitgeist, Patricia Daher's works are heavily influenced by globalization and the age of information. She enjoys experimenting with innovative materials and techniques, language, repetitive motifs, and vibrant color combinations to address environmental concerns. Art historically, her works contribute to expanding the boundaries of Conceptual, New Surrealist, Visionary, and Symbolic Art. Seeing art as a universal tool of communication, she creates to present simple yet complex topics. With the understanding that true knowledge and innovation is achievable through an interdisciplinary approach, mathematical and scientific ideas inform her work, so do abstract concepts inspired by ancient history, mythology, and religions in relation to society, music, and the plant world. 

          Her work has been exhibited at various galleries and published in important publications such as The Washington Post and Hyperallergic. Awards include the Wave Award, Catalyst scholarship Award, and the IMPART Artist Grant Award.

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